In Memory Of Ann Carr

My teacher, mentor, and friend... Ann brought the joy of dance to my life. As a little girl at age 4, I enrolled at The Ann Carr Dance Studio. I never imagined that Ann would pave the way to the wonderful life I have now.

Ann was an amazing woman, a person I admired and loved. She not only taught me the art of dance, but instilled the importance of Commitment…to always follow thru in all you do, Respect… to always clap for others, smile and say hello, treat others how you wish to be treated, and Appreciation... to be grateful for everything that we are blessed with. Ann was a spiritual advisor to all who knew her.

Now, as a teacher to so many impressionable children, I hope that I can pass on all that she has taught me. Thank you Ann, for inspiring me and teaching me more than you will ever know.

THE DANCE FACTORY Scholarship Recipients:

2018 Ann Carr Recipients:
Sophie Bigonette
Lindsay Vescera
Mya Santos

2017 Recipients:
Hailey McMillen
Faith Giammarco
Brooke Emond

Josslyn LaRue
Courtney Caccia
Kayla O'Connor

Gabriella DaLuz
Kayla Blais
Victoria Ballou

Bailey Campbell
Alexis Emond
Zoe Rose Gillis

Danielle Bourdeau
Rachel Pereira
Kyla Porcaro

Elizabeth Ethier
Lydia Hopkins
Samantha Martone

Kayla Johnston
Kaitlynn Porcaro
Jenna Silva

Julia Gillis
Jesscia McCallum
Shelby Martel

Jessica Howard
Mackenzie Moreau
Kristen Potter

Kelsey Bala
Hailey O'Connor
Megan St Angelo

Jocelyn Hopkins
Cassondra Miranda
Kourtney Roque

Ariana Lefebvre
Michelle Menard
Emily Murphy

Congratulations to our 2018 Ann Carr Scholarship Recipients!


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