i love miss omari. she is the bom. this year i got a dance factory jacket for christmas. they are really good quality. they are also very soft and cozy. i love this dance place it is the best. i think abbey lee dance company is nothing compared to the dance factory.


Date of Posting: 29 December 2011
Posted By: kyleigh o\'brien

the dance factory is the best! miss jenn is an awesome dance teacher<3


Date of Posting: 15 August 2011
Posted By: danielle bourdeau

Hi Miss Jen! Hopefully you’ve finally have gotten some sleep! I just wanted to say Thank You right back! What an amazing show, my family is still talking about. As a first time Mom/dancer, I am so thankful that we chose to put Arianna at your studio! The running joke in my family is that I used to say, “My kid will never dance”. I came out of the womb playing sports and dancing was never an option. Well, you know when they put that baby in your arms, everything changes. And Arianna wanted to dance, then she shall dance!!! Miss Alicia was amazing! and very patient!! and Arianna really took to her and loved being in that class! And back to the show – I had 10 guests, and all have danced and or been to recitals for 15+ years (I married a dancing family, lol) And their words – “This was the best recital we’ve ever been to”! It was so entertaining – I felt like I was at a Broadway production. Your husband was really great, no one in my group has ever been to a recital where there was an MC! Awesome personal touch! And lastly, the award Arianna received, made us so very proud. She was beaming all weekend holding the ‘ever so wanted’ Trophy and will not take her medal off! So to you and Miss Alicia, Thank You! Thank You! for such an wonderful experience!!! Have a great summer, and take some time to relax – you’ve earned it! Sincerely, Jen Ando and family


Date of Posting: 03 July 2011
Posted By: Jen A

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know what a wonderful experience my daughter and I had this year at the Dance Factory. Being her first experience with dance, it was amazing to see just how much she enjoyed the classes and how much it helped to build her confidence and bring her out of her shell! She truly bonded with Ms. Kerri. She is a wonderful teacher. You and your husband did an amazing job today and my husband and I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are. We look forward to seeing you again in the fall. Hopefully you too can take a well deserved break! Warm regards T


Date of Posting: 03 July 2011
Posted By: T G

Miss Jenn, I just want to let you know how unbelievably amazing you and your staff (and students, of course) are! I was so impressed with everything between Friday and Saturday; you have no idea! The choreography and the detail that was involved with the dances really floored me. I loved the creativity. Thanks,


Date of Posting: 02 July 2011
Posted By: Gretchen O'Brien

Thanks Jenn--the show was awesome! My mom and sister were very impressed--As I told you before I took dance from the age of 2 1/2 until the age of 23-they have been to MANY shows and thought every number was wonderful--Thanks for all you do! I know it is a hard job! See you in Aug!


Date of Posting: 02 July 2011
Posted By: Lisa .

Jen, I just wanted to tell you what an amazing recital the Dance Factory put on this past weekend. Lily has danced with 4 other schools and this is by far the best recital I have ever seen. My parents and Lily's grandparents were both blown away. They could not believe how professional it was and how well the dancers did, not only did they all do an amazing job but each routine kept their interest. I was only able to see a few routines since I was backstage, but from what I did see I was beyond impressed. Every recital I have been to with Lily has been painful to watch, and this was a pleasure to sit through. I just wanted to thank you and your staff for giving Lily a wonderful dance season and applaud you all on such a fabulous recital. I look forward to seeing many more and am very glad we made the switch to The Dance Factory.


Date of Posting: 02 July 2011
Posted By: Kat .

This past year was my first dancing and I have finally found something that I really enjoy doing! The teachers at The Dance Factory are amazing and I won't ever stop doing dance!


Date of Posting: 30 June 2011
Posted By: Amanda Ryan

This is my first year at the Dance Factory and i did irish step dancing for 4 years then hip hop and now i am here doing Jazz!!! I love it and the teachers are great!!!!!!!!!!!


Date of Posting: 30 May 2011
Posted By: Maggie O'Brien

i love going to the dance factory it is the best dance school ever. i was about to go to ocean state gymnastics but one day when my sister maggie o'brien came back from dance and told me,"guess what kyleigh they have acro at the dance factory!" and i was so exited that i was at miss alicias acro class. and so far so good. but one day when i went to acro class i hurt my wrist and it's been hurting. i went to the orthopedast. and he said i have to take a break and i have been skipping class for 3 weeks and i really miss it but hopefully i can go next week. wish me luck!


Date of Posting: 28 April 2011
Posted By: kyleigh o'brien

I absolutely loved my time at the Dance Factory. It was not only a key point in my life but the moments I have taken away from it have made me who I am today. Miss Jen is a superwoman, I don't know how she does it. She's everything I hope to become, successful, talented, and humble.


Date of Posting: 06 February 2011
Posted By: Megan St. Angelo

As a recent graduate of the Dance Factory, I can honestly say that there is nothing I miss more about high school than going to dance every week. The Dance Factory is more than just a studio. It's a family and every single memory I have from it, I cherish dearly. Thank you for everything Miss Jen.


Date of Posting: 13 November 2010
Posted By: Jessica McCallum

As an Aunt of a student at the Dance Factory I have seen my niece blossom into a beautiful dancer but more than that she has learned what it means to be part of a team. She has made friendships that will last her a lifetime, but more than anything she has learned a sense of self-worth and self awareness and that is the greatest gift anyone could ever get!


Date of Posting: 07 October 2010
Posted By: Joanne Cote

We are looking forward to another great year at the studio. The teachers are friendly and very professional.


Date of Posting: 18 August 2010
Posted By: Brooke Cary

The dance factory is a great place for a kid/teen can have fun and be creative. Its a place where we can have fun and dance our hearts out :) This year is going to make 11 years i have been with the dance factory and i wouldn't change it one bit!


Date of Posting: 27 July 2010
Posted By: Kourtney Roque

Miss Jen is a wonderful teacher never letting her students down. She has taught me so much in the past nine years dancing at The Dance Factory. I love every second I get with Miss Jen, she is outstanding and won't ever put anyone down. I love you Miss Jen and I love The Dance Factory


Date of Posting: 17 July 2010
Posted By: Kaitlynn Porcaro

Miss Jen is a professional with a heart. She teaches her students a winning combination of technique, performance, and team spirit. And she never stops caring.


Date of Posting: 16 July 2010
Posted By: Nancy Menard

I Love The Dance Factory


Date of Posting: 08 July 2010
Posted By: Hailey O'Connor


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