Lecture, From Denial to Obstruction

Jan 27, 2023


Welcome to Dance Factory's 'Lecture, From Denial to Obstruction: Why We Need to Understand Efforts to Stop Action on Climate Change'. In this informative lecture, we delve into the challenges faced when addressing climate change and highlight the critical importance of taking immediate action.

Understanding Climate Change

Climate change is a pressing global issue that demands attention from individuals, communities, and governments. The effects of climate change are evident in rising global temperatures, extreme weather events, sea-level rise, and environmental degradation.

Why We Need to Act

Efforts to stop action on climate change have hindered progress towards sustainability. It is crucial to understand the factors that contribute to denial and obstruction in order to overcome them and implement effective solutions.

The Road from Denial to Obstruction

Denial and obstruction are obstacles to creating a sustainable future. This lecture explores the roots of climate change denial, ranging from economic interests and political factors to misinformation campaigns and vested interests.

The Influence of Economic Interests

The lecture will shed light on how economic interests, particularly those tied to fossil fuel industries, can drive climate change denial and obstruction. Understanding the motivations behind these interests is vital in order to develop strategies that promote sustainable practices.

Political Factors in Denial

Political factors often play a significant role in denying or downplaying the severity of climate change. This lecture will examine the impact of political ideologies, lobbying, and the challenge of overcoming partisan divisions to implement effective environmental policies.

Misinformation Campaigns

The spread of misinformation has contributed to public confusion and skepticism regarding climate change. Our lecture will address the tactics employed by misinformation campaigns and explore ways to effectively combat false narratives with scientific evidence.

Unveiling Vested Interests

Hidden vested interests sometimes obstruct efforts to take action on climate change. Understanding and exposing these interests can help break through barriers and pave the way for meaningful change.

Importance of Taking Action

It is essential for individuals, organizations, and governments to take action against climate change. This lecture will emphasize the urgency of the situation and highlight the moral, environmental, and economic imperatives for immediate and impactful action.

Moral Imperative

Our shared responsibility to protect the planet and future generations is a moral imperative. The lecture will explore the ethical considerations and the need for collective action to address climate change.

Environmental Impacts

The lecture will delve into the extensive environmental impacts of climate change, including species extinction, habitat destruction, and ecosystem disruption. By understanding these consequences, we can better appreciate the urgency of taking action to preserve our planet's biodiversity.

Economic Benefits

Transitioning to a sustainable future can bring numerous economic benefits. We will discuss the potential for job creation, technological advancements, and long-term economic stability that arise from embracing renewable energy sources, green infrastructure, and sustainable practices.


Join Dance Factory for the 'Lecture, From Denial to Obstruction: Why We Need to Understand Efforts to Stop Action on Climate Change'. This thought-provoking lecture will equip you with knowledge about the challenges faced in addressing climate change and the essential role each of us can play in fostering change. Take action today for a brighter and more sustainable future for all.