Friday, June 10 - Partial Lighting - Waterplace Park - Dance Factory

Mar 7, 2019

A Night to Remember

Experience the magic of a captivating performance under the stars. Dance Factory presents an enchanting night of partial lighting at Waterplace Park on Friday, June 10. Prepare to be amazed as our talented performers from the Arts & Entertainment - Performing Arts category take the stage to showcase their extraordinary skills and artistic expression.

Unleash Your Senses

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey as partial lighting blends with the vibrant energy of Waterplace Park. This unique event is designed to captivate your senses and transport you into a world of wonder. Feel the gentle breeze on your skin, hear the rhythmic beats resonating through the park, and witness the awe-inspiring performances that will leave you breathless.

A Fusion of Creativity

Dance Factory brings together a diverse group of performers who push boundaries and redefine the art of dance. Our artists seamlessly blend different styles and techniques to create a mesmerizing fusion of movement and emotion. From contemporary to hip-hop, ballet to acrobatics, our repertoire is sure to leave you astounded and craving for more.

Artistry in Motion

Each choreographed piece is meticulously crafted to evoke powerful emotions and tell compelling stories. Our performers pour their hearts and souls into every step, infusing their unique artistry with precision and passion. As the sun sets and the lighting takes center stage, you will witness a symphony of movements that transcends the boundaries of traditional dance.

Reserve Your Spot

Don't miss your chance to witness this unforgettable event. Reserve your spot now and secure your place in this captivating experience. Whether you're a seasoned dance enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of performing arts, this event promises to be a night to remember.

Join Us at Waterplace Park

Waterplace Park, nestled in the heart of the city, provides the perfect backdrop for this spectacular performance. With its scenic views, charming bridges, and tranquil waterways, the park offers an idyllic setting that enhances the magic of the evening. Prepare to be transported to a world where art and nature intertwine in perfect harmony.

Experience the Extraordinary

Step into a realm of wonder and let Dance Factory ignite your imagination. This unmissable event promises to leave a lasting impression and inspire a newfound appreciation for the performing arts. Prepare to be moved, amazed, and immersed in a night of spectacle as we take you on a journey beyond imagination.

Don't Delay, Reserve Today

Seize this opportunity to witness the breathtaking artistry of Dance Factory under the partial lighting at Waterplace Park. Demand is high, and tickets are limited. Reserve your spot today to ensure you don't miss out on this remarkable event. Mark your calendar for Friday, June 10 and prepare to be dazzled!

Cathy Molitoriss
Can't wait to experience this! 🌟 Counting down the days till Friday, June 10! 🎉
Oct 18, 2023
Patrice Saddler
Exciting and mesmerizing!
Oct 4, 2023
Nana Battah
I've heard great things about Dance Factory, can't wait to see it!
Jul 26, 2023
Paul Okimoto
Excited to witness the talent of the performers in such a beautiful location.
Dec 3, 2022
Josh Pigford
What a unique way to experience the arts - can't wait to be there!
Sep 25, 2022
Barry Harrison
I'm looking forward to a captivating night filled with art and music.
Aug 28, 2021
Ed Vara
This sounds like the perfect way to spend a Friday evening.
Aug 11, 2021
Arun Nayak
The atmosphere at Waterplace Park is already special, adding partial lighting will make it extraordinary.
Jul 2, 2021
Nadia Carrasco
I'm sure this will be a night to remember for everyone attending.
Mar 13, 2021
Charlie Hayslett
The combination of partial lighting and the natural setting is going to be magical.
Jun 2, 2020
Carlos Curras
I'm always up for some outdoor entertainment, especially in such a picturesque place.
Feb 17, 2020
Fernando Pernigo
Looking forward to this mesmerizing performance!
Oct 25, 2019