Fall 2014 Intern Profiles - WaterFire's Intern Blog

Feb 9, 2020


Welcome to Dance Factory's Fall 2014 Intern Profiles! In this blog post, we will introduce you to our talented interns who have recently joined our team. These passionate individuals bring their unique skills and perspectives to the world of arts and entertainment in the performing arts industry. Get ready to dive into their profiles and gain valuable insights into their experiences at Dance Factory.

The Interns

Intern 1: Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson is a dance enthusiast and a recent graduate from the prestigious School of Performing Arts. With her exceptional talent and dedication, she has already made a mark in the industry. Sarah's internship at Dance Factory allows her to explore the various aspects of performing arts, including choreography, stage production, and costume design. Through her detailed understanding of dance forms and her passion for artistic expression, Sarah brings a fresh perspective to our team.

Intern 2: Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodrigez is a highly skilled musician and composer who joined Dance Factory as an intern in Fall 2014. With a background in classical music and a passion for experimental sounds, Michael brings a unique edge to our productions. His internship at Dance Factory provides him with a platform to explore the integration of music and dance, creating unforgettable performances that captivate audiences. Michael's exceptional talent and innovative approach make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Intern 3: Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson is a talented costume designer who joined Dance Factory as an intern in Fall 2014. Her passion for the performing arts and her eye for detail enhance the visual experience of our performances. Through her internship, Emily has had the opportunity to work closely with our talented dancers, understanding their movement and bringing their characters to life through her creative designs. With an impeccable sense of style and a deep understanding of the performing arts, Emily's contributions add an extra layer of magic to our productions.

Internship Experience

Gaining Real-World Experience

At Dance Factory, we believe in providing our interns with hands-on experience to develop their skills and enrich their knowledge of the performing arts industry. Our Fall 2014 interns have been actively involved in all aspects of our productions, from conceptualization to rehearsal and performance.

Learning from Industry Professionals

Under the guidance of our experienced team of choreographers, directors, and performers, our interns have had the opportunity to learn directly from industry professionals. Through mentorship and collaboration, they have gained invaluable insights into the creative process and the behind-the-scenes workings of the performing arts world.

Building a Network

During their internship, our Fall 2014 interns have had the chance to interact with a diverse network of artists, choreographers, and performers. This exposure has allowed them to establish meaningful connections within the industry, opening doors for future collaborations and career opportunities.


As Dance Factory continues to cultivate young talent and shape the future of the performing arts industry, our Fall 2014 interns play a vital role. Through their passion, dedication, and unique perspectives, they contribute to the creation of exceptional performances that inspire and delight audiences worldwide. Keep an eye out for these talented individuals as they make their mark in the industry!

Tanya Pobuda
The interns' diverse skills and perspectives will surely bring fresh creativity and innovation to WaterFire. Exciting times ahead for the arts community!
Sep 9, 2023
Chad Jordan
The passion and dedication of the interns will surely elevate the artistic experiences at Dance Factory. Looking forward to seeing their work come to life!
Feb 14, 2023
Dana Martinkus
Great to see the talented interns joining Dance Factory's team! Looking forward to reading more about their unique skills and experiences.
Sep 29, 2022
Brooke Weidenbaker
The diverse perspectives of the interns will definitely bring a fresh energy to the performing arts scene. Exciting times ahead for Dance Factory!
Mar 22, 2022
Patricia Kalma
It's wonderful to see the arts and entertainment industry welcoming new talents. Best wishes to the interns on their journey with WaterFire! 🎭
Feb 10, 2022
Marcin Kakol
Congratulations to the interns on joining the team. Their commitment to the arts is commendable, and I'm eager to see their impact.
Nov 17, 2021
Sanjeev Gopalakrishnan
I'm thrilled to learn about the unique talents and skills the interns are bringing to WaterFire! Wishing them a rewarding and enriching internship experience.
Jun 20, 2021
Audra Smith
It's inspiring to see the next generation of arts and entertainment professionals making their mark at Dance Factory. Here's to a successful and fulfilling internship for the talented interns.
May 22, 2021
Adam Booher
Welcome to the new interns! Can't wait to witness the impact of their passion and skills in the world of arts and entertainment. 👏
Nov 23, 2020
Chris Frankie
The performing arts community is richer with the addition of new interns. It's inspiring to see their contributions being celebrated on this platform.
Oct 9, 2020