The JW Riker Green Room - Providence

Oct 27, 2019

Welcome to the JW Riker Green Room at Dance Factory, your gateway to the vibrant world of arts and entertainment. As the leading provider of performing arts programs in Providence, we strive to create a nurturing and inspiring environment for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Our state-of-the-art facilities, talented instructors, and diverse dance programs ensure an unforgettable experience for our students.

Unleash Your Creativity

At Dance Factory, we believe that dance is not just a form of expression, but a powerful tool to unleash your creativity. Our renowned instructors are dedicated to helping you explore your artistic potential and discover the joy of movement. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, our comprehensive dance programs cater to all levels and interests.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Step into our JW Riker Green Room and immerse yourself in a world of creativity and inspiration. Our spacious and well-equipped studio provides the perfect setting for dancers to hone their skills and bring their passion to life. With state-of-the-art sound systems, sprung floors, and ample natural light, our facilities create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for all our students.

Passionate Instructors

At Dance Factory, we believe that superior instruction is the key to unlocking artistic potential. Our team of passionate instructors bring their extensive experience and expertise to every class, ensuring that our students receive top-notch training. With their guidance and support, you will develop technique, build confidence, and achieve new levels of artistry.

Comprehensive Dance Programs

From ballet to jazz, contemporary to hip-hop, we offer a wide range of dance programs to cater to diverse interests. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to provide a well-rounded dance education, combining technical training with creative exploration. Whether you dream of becoming a professional dancer or simply want to enjoy the benefits of dance, our programs are tailored to meet your goals.

Join the Dance Factory Family

With our commitment to excellence and passion for the arts, Dance Factory has become a second home for individuals seeking artistic fulfillment. Our welcoming and supportive community fosters friendships, instills discipline, and encourages personal growth. Regardless of age or ability, everyone is welcome to join the Dance Factory family and embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery.

Performing Arts in Providence

Providence is a vibrant hub of culture and creativity, with a thriving performing arts scene. Dance Factory stands at the heart of this artistic community, offering students the opportunity to showcase their talents through exciting performances and collaborations. Join us, and become part of the rich tapestry of performing arts in Providence.

Experience Dance Factory

Are you ready to step into the world of dance and unlock your creative potential? Visit Dance Factory today and discover a world of endless possibilities. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer your questions and guide you towards the perfect dance program. Join the JW Riker Green Room at Dance Factory and experience the transformative power of the performing arts.