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Oct 31, 2021


Welcome to Dance Factory's page dedicated to the latest news and updates on WaterFire Providence. As a leading name in the Arts & Entertainment - Performing Arts category, we understand the value of staying informed about the vibrant arts scene in our community. Join us as we explore and share the intriguing stories, mesmerizing performances, and magical experiences offered by WaterFire Providence.

Fire on the Water

WaterFire Providence, the acclaimed art installation created by Barnaby Evans in 1994, has become an iconic event that ignites the imagination and fascinates visitors from all walks of life. Taking place on the rivers of downtown Providence, Rhode Island, WaterFire combines fire, water, and music to create an enchanting multisensory experience.

The Artistic Expression

WaterFire Providence employs over eighty bonfires that are artistically set ablaze on the surface of the rivers, captivating the onlookers with their mesmerizing glow. The fire sculptures dramatically reflect on the water, creating a breathtakingly beautiful and ethereal ambiance.

A Community Celebration

More than just a stunning visual display, WaterFire is a celebration of art, culture, and community. It brings people together, fostering a sense of togetherness, and inspiring conversations. Every event is a unique blend of visual arts, music, entertainment, and community engagement.

Magical Performances

WaterFire Providence showcases a diverse range of talented performers, from musicians and singers to dancers and theater groups. With its commitment to artistic excellence, you'll witness captivating performances that will transport you to a world of wonder and creativity.

Symphony of Sounds

The enchanting melodies orchestrated during WaterFire take the entire experience to another level. Local musicians and guest artists fill the air with beautiful harmonies, infusing the event with an infectious energy that resonates through the crowd.

Dance and Theater Extravaganza

Professional dance companies and theater groups deliver spellbinding performances, showcasing their artistry and skill against the backdrop of the fiery spectacle. From classical ballet to contemporary dance, every move tells a story, captivating the audience and evoking emotions.

Volunteer Opportunities

WaterFire Providence would not be possible without the dedication and support of volunteers. As part of Dance Factory's commitment to community engagement, we encourage you to get involved and become a volunteer for this magnificent event. By joining the ranks of volunteers, you not only become an essential part of WaterFire's success but also get a chance to experience its magic from behind the scenes.

Be a Luminary Ambassador

Luminary Ambassadors play a crucial role in coordinating, distributing, and collecting the small floating lanterns known as "luminaria" that adorn the rivers. As a Luminary Ambassador, you directly contribute to the enchanting atmosphere and ensure that every aspect of the event runs smoothly.

Support the Volunteer Float Team

If you prefer a more hands-on experience, join the Volunteer Float Team and help launch and retrieve the bonfires on the water. You'll be an integral part of the collective effort that brings the fiery spectacle to life, and forge lasting connections with fellow volunteers along the way.

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WaterFire Providence, hosted in the vibrant city of Providence, presents an incredible opportunity to witness the fusion of art, nature, and community. Dance Factory invites you to explore the latest news and immerse yourself in the wonders of this extraordinary event. Join us in celebrating the beauty and power of artistic expression at WaterFire Providence.

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